Volunteering for the Rootlines Team

Volunteers are vital to the Rootlines project. Rootlines relies on the efforts of volunteers to enter data, research, and analyze the researched information pertaining to individuals within the database. Without volunteers, Rootlines would not exist on the scale that it currently does and would have limited growth potential.

Rootlines volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and educational fields and are not limited to genealogists or computer experts. Our volunteers can serve in a number of capacities as well. We are always looking for new people who want to help keep genealogy free on the internet and who have a desire to learn more about research and family history, and volunteering looks great on a resume and can provide a work reference for those who have none.

To volunteer, you must be eighteen or older, or have parental consent to volunteer with our project, and have basic computer skills (like copy/paste), be familiar with Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program, and know how to use email. Anything specific to the Rootlines project, we can and will train you.

Volunteer opportunities for Rootlines that are always open to new people include:

Data Entry - Volunteers in this area enter data into the Rootlines website as presented in the original source material and link the data to sources.

Photography - Photography volunteers who take photographs of headstones and other items of interest in their local (or specified) areas.

Social Media Agents - Our Social Media agents are responsible for promoting the Rootlines project on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Technical Support Agents - Our Technical Support Reps are people who are familiar with technology and work in our chat rooms to help volunteers with any computer problems they might have.

Volunteer opportunities that are limited based on position and educational background include:

Genealogists - Volunteers who research the individuals located in the database and find documents related to those individuals to be hosted on Rootlines.

Accountants - Those who have an educational background in accounting and tax codes who want to help Rootlines with the business end of the project.

Grant Writers - Individuals who have a background in writing and the ability to find grants that are appropriate for Rootlines.

Paralegals - Those who have at least an Associate's Degree in Paralegal studies who can help with contracts.

Web Design and Development - Individuals who have an educational background in web design and coding that can work on the Rootlines' website.

Interested in volunteering with Rootlines? Click below to access the volunteer form and fill out the application! We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your interest in our project!

Fill out the Rootlines Volunteer Application!