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Genealogical Services

Rootlines offers four hourly services for genealogical research that do not warrant the basic package being purchased. Hourly research gives the client more control over the amount being spent per month, and allows for individuals of interest to be researched rather than entire family lines. These services vary in prices due to the difficulty in obtaining documentation for the areas of research being conducted. Potential clients should be aware that these are hourly research fees and do not include travel, postage, copying, and legal fees, along with other misc. expenses that might occur. Additional fees will be discussed with clients prior to beginning research.
Genealogy research within the United States from the present to 1850.
USD$25 /hr.
Genealogy research from the present to 1850, including Europe.
USD$35 /hr.
Genealogy research from 1850 to 1700, worldwide.
USD$45 /hr.
Genealogy research from 1700 to all dates prior, worldwide.
USD$55 /hr.

Document Retrieval Services

Due to the varying local, state, and federal laws that apply to different documents, please contact admin@rootlines.net to discuss the documents desired and to see if the documents you are requesting are available through our services. Postage fees can be waived if you agree to receive the document via email. If the requested document cannot be found, a report will be sent of what locations were searched for the document, and copy and postage fees will be returned. Documents requested will be found and sent within 7 days of payment, or a report of what was searched will be sent along with a refund of the copy and postage fees.

Consultation Services

Have you researched your own family tree and want to verify its accuracy? Do you need a plan of action for a specific ancestor? Want to learn more about researching in general? Rootlines can help! There is no retainer for consultation services and total cost of the requested hours must be paid up front.
Consultation Services
USD$25 /hr. (2hr. Minimum)

Tombstone Photography

Tombstone photos can be acquired for the locations listed below, at the listed pricing, if the cemetery and burial location is provided. All photographs obtained by Rootlines’ Staff and Volunteers remain the property of Rootlines, and will be watermarked with the Rootlines logo, unless you choose to buy the copyright of the photograph for a one-time fee. All photographs will be taken with digital cameras and will be sent electronically. Actual prints of the photographs are available for an additional fee of 1.00 per photo, which includes postage. If the actual burial location is unknown, contact the Rootlines team at admin@rootlines.net to discuss options for finding it prior to purchase.
Bureau County, Illinois
USD$10 1st Photo per cemetery. USD$2 per additional photo in each cemetery.
LaSalle County, Illinois
USD$10 1st Photo per cemetery. USD$2 per additional photo in each cemetery.
Copyright Purchase - This provides exclusive rights to a single photo purchased and provides that said photo will not contain the Rootlines watermark and is free to be reproduced.

Genealogy Packages

Basic Genealogy Package
This package includes your family tree researched and documented back to 1850 or the point of immigration into the United States of America, whichever is later date-wise. It includes a detailed report of where the information came from and what documents were used to prove the information presented. You will receive weekly reports every Friday concerning the progress being made on your research via email. It does not include photographs of any type. In the rare event that no information can be found, it will include a detailed research sheet of what has been searched and when. The turn-around time on this service is approximately thirty (30) days from the date of payment of the retainer.